1 On 1 Basketball Training or Total Athlete Training with Coach Moe

the physical qualities that are characteristic of athletes, such as strength, fitness, and agility.

We get it.  You want an edge.

You want to be stronger.

You want to run faster.

You want to jump higher.

You want to dominate.

Coach Moe Athletics is here to help.


All Athletes All Sports…Coach Moe gets results.

Our best athletes share one common trait.


They are serious about improving.

We know the most serious athletes train.  Some have a support system that gets the absolute most out of their individual training.  Most of them have help.

We can’t overstate getting the right help at the right time.

We build better athletes from the ground up, using a system that produces results.

Our athletes are featured in State Championship Games and field offers from Div I and Division II Colleges.  Those are the targets we are aiming for. We want our athletes to be the best versions of themselves. We created a program to do JUST that.


This service is our ultimate package.  It gives you one, two or three 90 minute sessions with Coach Moe weekly using proven Speed, Agility and Strength based techniques that will bring out the best of every athlete.

Basketball Trainees will develop lateral speed, elite footwork, explosiveness, court awareness and many of the skills that separate JV players from Varsity level and beyond players.

Total Athlete Trainees will develop, strength, speed, quickness, explosiveness; master running and jumping form and hand/eye coordination.

All trainees will build learn commitment, accountability, leadership, and teamwork.


This level of training isn’t for everybody.  This is only for the most serious athletes. Results are tied directly to an athletes level of commitment.  This program is not recommended for players who aren’t ready to incorporate ACCOUNTABLE training into their lives.  We EXPECT our trainees to commit to their training outside of the gym by completing workout assignments as well as prioritizing getting adequate Sleep and Nutrition.  If You are interested in working with Coach Moe, we strongly encourage you to contact us below and schedule an assessment so Coach Moe can provide HIS recommendation.

This training is demanding

It demands a level of commitment that is similar to the kind of commitment TOP Athletic Prospects show on their way to signing their Letter Of Intent. The reason why we request a three month commitment is, a three-month window allows enough time to develop and demonstrate commitment while allowing our athletes to assess their ability to commit to the services every three months.


Are you still with us?  Good. We will introduce Coach Moe and give you the opportunity to sign up for an Athletic Assessment or even start your three-month commitment below.

Who is Coach MOe


Born in Durham North Carolina in 1979, Coach Moe has always been surrounded by sports. As a multi-sport athlete in High School and a College football player, Coach Moe has been around the sports world for several years. Coach Moe is a Certified Speed and Agility Specialist and a Certified Resistance Band Instructor. Coach Moe has coached and developed several youth basketball teams over the years and has provided affordable and informative training and developmental programs for youth and adults of all backgrounds and abilities. Coach Moe has a heart for the community and makes it a goal that any youth that wants to play a sport or train in a specific area is able to do so. Coach Moe holds his players to a high academic standard and is very involved in their lives for a lifetime. The Married Father of 3 knows first hand the importance of family and gives credit to his wife Allison for being his inspiration to continue to help others. Coach Moe has helped numerous players over the years receive college offers to play sports beyond High School. Coach Moe is able to connect with families in his programs easily and always gives the players the respect they deserve while providing effective training in all areas. The personal relationship with his players is second to none. Coach Moe believes it's not about the wins and losses but what positive life lessons can be learned in every situation.

-Started his Coaching Career as a Volunteer Second Grade Basketball Coach for 2 years

-Head Basketball Coach for the CW Boxing Club Basketball Team for 3 years.

-Coached and Training Youth Basketball Players at Life Gym/ Edge Sports where he created and ran several basketball camps and one on one or small group training.

-Founder and President of Coach Moe Athletics LLC

-Speed and Agility Certification and his Resistance Band Instructor Certification

-Trains and developed numerous athletes of all ages and abilities and created and continues to coach his own basketball teams

-Assistant Freshman Boys Basketball Coach at Bellevue West High School in Omaha,  Ne

-Assistant Coach for the U17 Boys Basketball AAU Team Factory in Nebraska

-Works with over 25 Athletes who have gone on to play multiple sports in college on a scholarship.

-Has over 100 kids playing at the High School Varsity level

Coach Moe brings the same level of expertise to train your athlete.  This training is demanding and we strongly urge you to scroll back up and book an assessment with Coach Moe so he can help you determine if this service is appropriate for your athlete.  But if you are 100 percent certain you want to work with Coach Moe once, twice or three times weekly for 90 minutes, register below and Coach Moe will contact you for your first session.