Kids Gym

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We would Love to take credit for the Idea but….

Kid’s Gym was the brainchild of our kids. They wanted a program where they could work out and have fun. They sat down with Coach Moe’s staff and let us know what they were looking for. We used their input and combined it with Coach Moe’s Total Athlete training to create a unique and fun program designed to get kids moving and active.

Our coaches will teach your Mini-Campers the basics of exercise using a version of Coach Moe’s Total Athlete Program custom made for our smallest athletes. Our Coaching staff will be there every step of the way to guide the mini-campers through the activity stations.

Two sessions are offered on Saturday Mornings (we will be adding additional sessions SOON) and registration is on a Month to Month Basis.

Register below and attend Kid’s Gym whenever we have a session.