Coach Moe's Basketball Academy

Stop Paying JUST to have a ROSTER SPOT. Build a better PLAYER.

The dirty (not so) secret of many basketball programs is that they will take your money and not make your player better.


Just being on a roster doesn’t mean a player is improving.

We believe your player deserves better.

  Coaches have a limited time to prepare their team for the rigors of the season and unfortunately, this impacts skill development for most children.   Even talented/experienced kids may miss out on skill development.


We are here to change that.  Coach Moe's Basketball Academy is a year-round program that emphasizes player development.  This program is for children of all skill and experience levels. The court is our classroom.  Our students will receive skill focused development that includes: weekly skill related 'homework' assignments, quarterly assessments, leadership opportunities, and in game experience at a recreational and eventually competitive levels. Our Academy teams will play just like any other teams, but we will be competing and working on player development year round.  

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NEW For 2019! We are combining Individual/Small Group training into one package! You can enroll in Coach Moe’s Basketball Academy AND Coach Moe’s Total Athlete for one discounted rate.

That gives your athlete 3-4 days with Coach Moe. This is a tremendous value and duplicates the program Coach Moe has used to transform committed players into elite players for over 10 years.

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Coach Moe's teams have enjoyed success at every level they've competed in and include players of all skill levels.  We don't believe that talent is the primary factor when it comes to success.  Our teams practice hard, use their strengths to erase their weaknesses, execute on the court, hustle and have fun.   As a father first, Coach Moe understands how important it is to establish the balance between learning the game, playing with integrity and enjoying the process.  


The academy 

We are about players excelling. Being an Academy Athlete means that you aren't just paying for a roster spot for your athlete. Enrollment in the Academy Program means that we will use every resource available to improve on court outcomes.   


Outcomes Matter

Outcomes do matter and we are playing the long game. Future scholarship opportunities mean more than participation medals. A second place finish against challenging competition teaches more that an first place finish against lesser skilled teams.


The next step is yours.

If you are sick of paying just for a roster spot.

If you want your athlete to learn how to compete.

If developing is more important than participation trophies.

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