Team SPONSORSHIP …Marketing made simple

Sponsoring a team is a tried and true way to show that your business is involved in the community. It gives your company the ability to travel everywhere the team travels. When you sponsor one of our Basketball Academy Teams, your brand gets visibility and reach.

If you are looking for an opportunity to build brand awareness, please consider sponsoring one of our Academy Teams. We play all year round and you can either pay for six or twelve months. Our sessions are broken up into regular basketball season and Summer - Fall Basketball.


Basketball Academy Scholarship…Help build a better player

Coach Moe Athletics offers scholarships for individual youth who want to join but can’t otherwise afford the costs of the Academy. If you are interested in helping a kid play with us, we offer 3 and 6 month scholarships. Whether you pay for Sponsorship or Scholarship, you will receive a CMA Basketball Academy T-Shirt, team schedules and a free month of any other service we provide such as Kid’s Gym (K-5th Grade), Total Athlete Training (3rd - post graduate), and Move Classes (Teens and Adults).

Contact us to discuss sponsorship options or sign up below.